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Lower Unit & Sterndrive Break-in Procedure

Repair Time: 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty: Easy
Lower Unit & Sterndrive Break-in Procedure
BRP Marine Outboard

Gearcase assemblies are shipped without oil

1. Fill unit with manufacturer's required gear oil to recommended level.
2. Adjust RPM at idle to manufacturer's specifications.
3. Proper shift adjustment is essential.
4. Jumping out of gear: If the unit will not stay in gear, the clutch dog has probably been rounded off. Rounded clutch dogs are caused by, but not limited to, improper shift cable adjustment, inadequate shift travel, idle RPM too high, and/or shifting too slow. Rounded clutch dogs are not covered by warranty.
5. Avoid full throttle starts.
6. Do not operate at constant speed for extended periods.
7. Shift into forward gear a minimum of 10 times during break-in, with moderate engine speed after each shift.
8. Do not exceed 75% of full throttle during the first 5 hours of operation.
9. During the next 5 hours, full throttle should not be maintained for long periods.

OMC and Mercruiser Sterndrive Service Notice:

When purchasing either an upper or lower assembly separately, the opposite piece must be disassembled and cleaned by the service center in order to validate the warranty. This provision is due to the cross contamination of the oil.

BRG206R - Evinrude 2-Cylinder 40-60HP E-TEC 2004-2012
FRG397N - Force 3-Cylinder 75-90HP 1995-1999
FRG495N - Force 4-Cylinder 120HP 1995-1999
BRG406N - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Large 90-140HP 1992-2012
BRG404R - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Small 85-140HP 1978-1998
BRG603N - Johnson-Evinrude V6 Standard 150-250HP 1979-2010
MRAC165N - Mercruiser Alpha One Complete Driveshaft Assembly
MRGC194N - Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Complete Driveshaft Assembly
MRGL162N - Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Lower Driveshaft Assembly
MRGU161N - Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Upper Driveshaft Assembly
MRALN - Mercruiser Alpha One Lower Driveshaft Assembly
MRAU165N - Mercruiser Alpha One Upper Driveshaft Assembly
MRB1C165R - Mercruiser Bravo I Complete Driveshaft Assembly
MRB1L1519N - Mercruiser Bravo I Lower Driveshaft Assembly
MRB2C181R - Mercruiser Bravo II Complete Driveshaft Assembly
MRB2L1627R - Mercruiser Bravo II Lower Driveshaft Assembly
MRB3C200R - Mercruiser Bravo III Complete Driveshaft Assembly
MRB3L1324R - Mercruiser Bravo III Lower Drive Shaft Assembly
MRBU3023R - Mercruiser Bravo Upper Driveshaft Assembly
MYG307N - Mercury/Mariner 3-Cylinder 70-90HP 1987-2006
MYG304R - Mercury/Mariner 3-Cylinder Bigfoot 60HP 1995-2007
MYG313N - Mercury/Mariner 3-Cylinder DFI (Optimax) 75-115HP 2004-2014
MYG402R - Mercury/Mariner 4-Cylinder "L4" 100-125HP 1988-2006
ME-G4-15-N - Mercury/Mariner 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 150HP 2011-2015
MYG408R - Mercury/Mariner 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 75-115HP 2000-2015
MYG411N - Mercury/Mariner 4-Cylinder Verado 135-200HP 2006-2015
MYG618N - Mercury/Mariner 6-Cylinder Verado 200-300HP 2005-2015
MYG623R - Mercury/Mariner TorqueMaster 225-250HP 2005-2013
MYG608AN - Mercury/Mariner V6 1.87:1 Gear Ratio 150-200HP 1979-2015
MYG616AN - Mercury/Mariner V6 3.0L 200-250HP 1994-2015
CBSC23NR - OMC Cobra Complete Sterndrive Assembly
CBSL4R - OMC Cobra Lower Sterndrive Assembly
CBSU30N - OMC Cobra Upper Sterndrive Assembly
BRFML68N - OMC Mechanical Shift Lower Gearcase Assembly
YMG403R - Yamaha 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 115HP 2000-2015
YMG406R - Yamaha 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 150HP 2004-2015
YMG402R - Yamaha 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 75-100HP 1999-2015
YMG601R - Yamaha V6 150-200HP 1988-2007
YMG604R-B - Yamaha V6 150-200HP PRO-V/V-MAX 1986-2014
YMG607R - Yamaha V6 3.1/3.3L 200-250HP 1990-2005
YMG607BR-A - Yamaha V6 3.3L 200-300HP VZ HPDI 2003-2008
YMG623R - Yamaha V6 3.3L 300HP HPDI 2004-2006
YMG613AR - Yamaha V6 4-Stroke 200-225HP 2002-2010
YMG618R - Yamaha V6 4-Stroke 250HP 2005-2014
YMG605R - Yamaha V6 Excel Spanner-Nut Style Lower Unit

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