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These installation instructions contain information that can help prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. Understand the following symbols before proceeding:

(Safety Warning): Alerts you to the possibility of danger and identifies information that will help prevent injuries.

Note: Identifies information that will help prevent damage to machinery.

Important: Appears next to information that controls correct assembly and operation of the product.


the assembly procedures outlined in this sheet should be performed by a skilled technician. If you have questions, see your DEALER. Save these instructions in your owner's kit. This sheet contains information important to the future use and maintenance of your engine.


Give this sheet to the owner. Advise the owner of any special operation or maintenance information contained in the instructions.


This flush mount, alternator tachometer is designed for use on the following:

  • Johnson® and Evinrude® Outboards
  • OMC Sea Drive® Models
  • NON-BRP products with 20 pole alternators


Disconnect battery cables to help prevent arcing or damage to equipment.

Select a tachometer mounting location that is in full view of the operator.

Drill a 3-3/8 in. (86mm) hole in the dashboard.

Note: Mount the tachometer so water will not collect on the face, or drip on the case and wires. If the tachometer is covered by a transparent shield, the shield must be adequately ventilated to help prevent sunlight heat soak damage.

Set Pulse Selector Switch

Align the arrow on the PUL/REV (pulses-per-revolution) switch (A) with the appropriate number.

  • Engines with two yellow stator wires (yellow and yellow/gray) set switch to "6"
  • Engines with three yellow stator wires (yellow, yellow/gray and yellow/blue) set switch to "5"
  • NON-BRP engines with 20 pole charging system, set switch to "3"

1968 thru 1972 Outboards

If you are replacing an older Battery CD Ignition tachometer, or if the engine has never had a tachometer, move the engine harness gray wire to the rectifier yellow/gray circuit on the terminal board.

1978 and Newer Outboards and OMC Sea Drive®

Use a wiring kit to connect the tachometer to the plug-in connector on the remote control or accessory electrical cable.

  • Use Plug-In Connector Kit P/N 174732 when installing tachometer only.
  • Use Plug-In/Fuse Block Kit P/N 173611 when installing tachometer with other accessories.

All Models

Use No. 8 insulated ring terminals and No. 16 A.W.G. wire of the specified color.

install star washer, ring terminal, and nut - in that order. This will help prevent ring terminal from rotating and loosening the nut. Connect all wires before installing gauge in dashboard.

Connect the following:

(B) To dashboard light switch, DARK BLUE WIRE.

(C) To alternator, GRAY WIRE.

(D) To ground connection, BLACK WIRE.

(E) To key switch accessory terminal, PURPLE WIRE.

Insert the gauge into dashboard. Install bracket, star washers, and mounting nuts.

Note: Do not overtighten the mounting nuts as you could permanently damage the gauge.

Connect battery cables. Test the tachometer operation by running the engine.

Important: Multiple battery installations require a common battery ground cable. Refer to Outboard Installation Guidelines P/N 508167.

To replace the light bulb, pry out light socket cover (F). Turn bulb socket counter-clockwise and pull out. Replace with a No. 194 bulb, P/N 125432.


0174983 - Tech Series Tachometer

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We offer shipping flat $3.95 shipping on ALL parts orders. (Complete Engines, Lower Units and Sterndrives excluded). In addition orders over $89 have reduced cost express shipping available in checkout.

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