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Remanufactured Powerhead Break-In Procedure

The first 10 hours of operation

  • Double your oil with a major manufacturer TCW-3 Oil.
  • Use 92-94 Octane Fuel from a major manufacturer.
  • Do not use fuel with alcohol as an additive.

Initial Break-In & Warm Up

  • Allow 4 hours at idle speed only for break-in of new pistons or rings.
  • Avoid continuous full throttle operation for the first 10 hours of operation.
  • Liquid cooled engines require that the engine be brought gradually to normal operating temperature to avoid cold seizure resulting from pistons expanding faster than the cylinder liner.
  • After gradually bringing engine to normal operating temp., operate engine in gear at approx. 1500 RPM for 20 minutes.
  • Operate in gear at no more than 3000 RPM for the next 60 minutes.
  • Cruise at 3/4 throttle or less for the next 4 hours.
  • Occasionally reduce throttle to idle speed for a cooling period.
  • During the final hours of break-in you can operate at full throttle for periods of 2 minutes or less.


  • Use only enough throttle to plane your vessel and then throttle back to below 3000 RPM.
  • Avoid operating in the 3000-4000 RPM range at all times during the 10 hour break-in period.
  • During the 6th hour of break-in, plane boat quickly and then throttle back to maintain minimum plane speed.
  • During this 6th hour, you can throttle up to 3/4 throttle for 1-2 minutes, then return to minimum planing speed.

Carefully following these instructions will aid in the proper break-in of your rebuilt powerhead assembly.

FRP376R - Force 3-Cylinder 75-90HP 1996-1999
FRP496R - Force 4-Cylinder 120HP 1996-1999
BRP292R - Johnson/Evinrude Two Cylinder 40-55HP 1989-2005
BRPC494R - Johnson/Evinrude V4 Bubbleback 110-140HP 1978-1998
BRPD401R - Johnson/Evinrude V4 60° Carbureted 90-115HP 1995-2006
BRPD404R - Johnson/Evinrude V4 60° FICHT 75-115HP 1998-2006
BRPL412R - Johnson/Evinrude V4 90° Looper 120-140HP 1985-2001
BRPC489R - Johnson/Evinrude V4 Flatback 88-115HP 1978-1998
BRPL619R - Johnson/Evinrude V6 90° FICHT 200-250HP 1999-2005
BRPL612R - Johnson/Evinrude V6 90° Looper Carb 200-250HP 1986-2001
MYP4F10R - Mercury 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 40-115HP 1999-2014
MYP301R - Mercury/Mariner 3-Cylinder "Baby L3" 40-60HP 1998-2008
MYP309R - Mercury/Mariner 3-Cylinder L3 70-90HP 1987-2010
MYP403R - Mercury/Mariner 4-Cylinder "L4" 100-125HP 1988-2005
MYP605R - Mercury/Mariner V6 2.0L 135-150HP 1991-2001
MYP616R - Mercury/Mariner V6 2.5L Carb & EFI 150-200HP 1991-2010
MYP607R - Mercury/Mariner V6 2.5L DFI (Optimax) 135-175HP 1998-2014
MYP634MR - Mercury/Mariner V6 2.5L ProMax 200-225HP 1994-2002
MYP635JR - Mercury/Mariner V6 2.5L Sport Jet 175-240HP 1997-2006
MYP637R - Mercury/Mariner V6 3.0L Carb & EFI 200-250HP 1994-2008
MYP670R - Mercury/Mariner V6 3.0L Pro XS 225-250HP 2004-2014
MYP6F20R - Mercury/Mariner V6 4-Stroke 225HP 2004-Current
YMP4F25R - Yamaha 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke 75-150HP 1999-Current
YMP603R - Yamaha V6 2.6L 150-200HP 1996-2006
YMP610TR-A - Yamaha V6 2.6L 150-200HP HPDI 2000-2014
YMP620AR-A - Yamaha V6 3.3L 200-300HP HPDI 2003-2008
YMP6F20R - Yamaha V6 4-Stroke 200-250HP 2004-Current

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