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AC Lighting Kit P/N 584059

Fabricante BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Tempo de Reparo 30 to 60 mins
Dificuldade de Reparo Easy
Sections 3


  1. Preface
  2. Install Stator Assembly

Safety Considerations

These instructions will alter you to certain things you should do very carefully. If you don't, you could...

  • hurt yourself or bystanders
  • hurt boat operator, passengers
  • damage the machinery

appears next to information important to prevent you and others from being hurt.

appears next to information important to keep machinery from being damaged.

The important safeguards and instructions appearing in these directions cannot cover all possible conditions or situations that occur. The person following these directions must use common sense, caution and care.

Product Reference & Illustration

When reference is made to brand name, product or specific tool, an equivalent product may be used in place of the referred to product. Substitute products used must have equivalent characteristics, including type, strength, and material. Incorrect substitution may result in product malfunction and possible injury to the operator and/or passengers.

All photographs and illustrations used may not necessarily depict actual models or equipment, but are intended only for reference. Specifications used are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.


This AC Lighting Kit can be used on CE and newer 4 through 45 Evinrude® and Johnson® outboards without alternators that use a CD2U ignition system. With this lighting kit installed, the motor provides 12 volt A.C. (Alternating Current) electrical power for the boat lights while the motor is running.

The installation of this kit involves procedures that require special training for the installer, plus the installation may require special tools and/or Service Manuals and other literature.

Service Technicians at your Dealer have received special training and have the equipment, special tools, and reference literature for your product. We recommend that you have this kit installed by your Dealer.

To the Installer

Give these installation instructions to owner. These instructions contain operating information important to the customer.

To the Owner

These installation instructions contain important operating information for your use. Keep them with your Owner's Manual. Refer to Figure 20 and the OPERATION instructions on Page 7 for boat wiring and light bulb selection.

Read instructions prior to starting work. Check Contents of kit:

Ref. Name of Part Qty
1 Stator Assembly 1
2 Stator Screws 2
3 Bullet Terminal 3
4 Bullet Sleeve 3
5 Grommet and Cap 1
6 Tie Strap 2
7 Cap 3

To avoid accidental starting of engine, twist and remove all spark plug leads

Remove manual starter housing (if equipped), flywheel and ignition plate assembly. Follow the procedures in the Service Manual for removal.

Install Stator Assembly

Remove two screws and clamp (A), and retain for reassembly.

Turn ignition plate over and remove screw and cover (B) and retain for reassembly.

Remove the ignition module mounting screw (C) and spacer (D). Retain screw and discard spacer.

Insert stator cable through the opening in the ignition plate.

Mount stator onto the ignition plate aligning three mounting holes with the ignition plate holes.

Apply Ultra Lock adhesive to threads of screws. Install stator mounting screws and washers (E). Install the third ignition module mounting screw and washer (C). Tighten screws finger tight.

[6] [7]
Reinstall top clamp and screws (A). Install bottom cover and screw (B) and tighten securely. Refer to the Service Manual for installation of ignition plate assembly.

Torque two stator mounting screws and one ignition module mounting screw to 30-40 in. lbs. (3,4-4,6 Nm.

4 thru 35 Models: Route stator cable through the J-clamp (F). Be sure the cable has slack at full throttle advance.

Route stator cable over the top of the engine to the port side and through the J-clamp (G).

40 - 45 Models: Route the stator cable along side the electrical box and down past the bottom of the box. Secure to box with tie strap allowing slack at full throttle.

[11] thru [16]
The above figures locate hole for cap and grommet. Center punch and drill a 13/16 in. dia. (20,6 mm) hole on the starboard side of the lower engine cover.

ES and newer 40-45 models: Cut a 3/8 in. (9,5 mm) vertical slit in center of rubber plug for wires.

Position grommet and cap assembly in lower engine cover, so that cap can be folded to fit in grommet.


Boat Wiring: Place sleeve (4) on the yellow, yellow/gray, and yellow/blue boat wires. Strip 1/4 in. (6,4 mm) insulation off wires, and crimp bullet terminal (3) onto wires. Slide sleeve over terminal.

One side of each bulb must be connected to the yellow/gray (Y/G) COMMON wire. Always connect the boat Y/G wire to the motor Y/G wire. If either the yellow (Y) or yellow/blue (Y/B) wire is not used it must be protected from shorting to other wires. Motor wires must always be protected with Caps (7) when disconnected.

Bulb Selection: Use any of the bulb wattage combinations shown. Do not use more than 30 watts of power on either side or lights will be dim. Do not use less that 25 watts on either side (if connected) or the bulbs will burn out.

This wiring must not be connected to a battery or the electrical system will be damaged.

0584059 - A/C LIGHTING