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Pro Finish 6-Blade CNC Cleaver [15 Degree Rake ‑ 600 HP] Prop 48-8M0005197

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  • This is an OEM part manufactured by Mercury Marine
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Product Description

600 HP, 900 HP, 1200 HP and 1550 HP(custom order) 822974
Six and 8M drive bushing 822975
Retaining ring
11‑826135 Nylon Insert, 8M0035647 Brass, 11‑39817 Washer and nuts for SSM Six and M8
For use with Mercury Racing IIIA, IV, V, NXT (NXT1 requires hub kit 8M8022263 ‑ sold separate), VI SSM and M8 Sterndrive. The CNC Pro Finish propellers have a 26 Spline hub with 1.75/1.88 inch (44.5/47.7mm) O.D. propeller shaft and 6 inch (152mm) hub length. For a complete listing of part numbers see Mercury Racing Propeller chart section.

390 Prop Variations available