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OMC Stringer Installation of Cable in Shift Converter

Fabricant BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Temps de réparation 30 to 60 mins
Difficulté de réparation Medium
  1. The shift cable can now be installed. Remove cover screws and pivot cover aside. Prior to proceeding, the shift converter housing should be as shown in Figure 7-1-88, with spring compressed and cotter pin in place. Carefully feed cable cores one at a time through the "0" hole into the shift converter housing. Align the flat on cable with flat in housing, and push cable in place. See Figure 7-1-90.

Figure 7-1-88

Figure 7-1-90

  1. Route the short cable core into the lower groove of the segment pulley, and plug the core end fitting into it’s appropriate pocket in the segment pulley. See Figure 7-1-91.

  2. Route the long cable core wire over top of and around idler pulley and along the upper groove of the segment pulley. Plug the core wire end fitting into its appropriate pocket in the segment pulley. See Figure 7-1-91.

Figure 7-1-91

Be sure the cable cores are not crossed. Crossed cables may cause binding or hard shifting, which can result in the operator losing control of the boat.

  1. Make sure that the core wire end fittings are firmly seated in the segment pulley pockets.

  2. Reassemble the two hitch pins in position shown in Figure 7-1-92.

Figure 7-1-92

  1. Remove the cotter pin from shift converter housing, allowing spring to tension the cable cores. Check to see that the cables are properly seated in their respective segment pulley grooves and around the idler pulley. Recheck to see that cables are not crossed. At this stage the shift core wire routing must be as shown in Figure 7-1-91. If not, it will be necessary to repeat Steps 1 through 6 in order to obtain the proper routing.

  2. Reinstall the plastic cable guide.

  3. Swing the cover plate up about the shift arm and back into its original position. Reassemble with the screws that were removed and torque to 40-50 in. Ibs. (4-5 N.m).

All of the parts in this assembly are vital operating parts and must be properly installed and secured.

If part replacement is necessary use only OMC parts specifically designed for this application. Improper assembly sequence, failure to use all parts and/or substitution of parts designed for this assembly may cause shift malfunction or loss of start in gear protection and may cause operator to lose control of boat.

Next Step: OMC Stringer Nominal Neutral Adjustment