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Johnson 2-Stroke Winterization

Fabricante BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Duración de la reparación 30 to 60 mins
Dificultad de la reparación Easy
Sections 3


  1. Fuel System Treatment
  2. Internal Engine Treatment
  3. Additional Recommendations



DO NOT start outboard without a water supply to the outboard's cooling system. Cooling system and/or powerhead damage could occur.

Fuel System Treatment

Stabilize the boat's fuel supply with Evinrude/Johnson 2+4 Fuel Conditioner following the instructions on the container.

Prepare a "storage mixture" of fuel in a separate outboard six gallon fuel tank. The storage mixture should consist of:

  • 5 gallons of fuel

  • 2 quarts of Evinrude/Johnson Storage Fogging Oil

  • 2.5 ounces of Evinrude/Johnson 2+4 Fuel Conditioner

  • 1 pint of Evinrude/Johnson outboard lubricant

Temporarily connect fuel tank with storage mixture to the outboard. Leave oil supply hose connected to the outboard.

Shift the remote control to NEUTRAL and remove the propeller.

START outboard and RUN at IDLE speed for ten minutes to ensure that the entire fuel system is filled with the stoarge mixture.

Turn key switch to OFF position to STOP outboard. Proceed with Internal Engine Treatment.

Internal Engine Treatment

Use Evinrude/Johnson Storage Fogging Oil to prevent corrosion of internal engine components during periods of storage.

Remove the air silencer.

START outboard and run at IDLE.

Spray approx. two ounces of Evinrude/Johnson Storage Fogging Oil through the throttle plate hole of each cylinder while outboard is running.

Turn key switch to OFF to STOP outboard.

Reconnect boat fuel supply hose.

DO NOT restart outboard until it goes back into service.

Additional Recommendations

  • Replace gearcase lubricant.

  • Clean and grease propeller shaft.

  • Blow water from gearcase speedometer pickup system (gearcase speedometer models only).

  • Lubricate all grease fittings and linkages.

  • Replace fuel filter.

  • Inspect outboard, steering system, and controls. Replace all damaged and worn components. (Refer to manufacturer's and lubrication recommendations)

  • Touch up painted surfaces as needed. Coat outer painted surfaces with automotive wax.

  • Remove battery(s) from boat. Store in a cool, dry location. Periodically charge battery(s) while stored. (Refer to manufacturer's maintenance recommendations when servicing batteries)

  • Store outboard in upright (vertical) position.

  • Check for fuel leakage.

Failure to check for fuel leakage could allow a leak to go undetected, resulting in fire or explosion.

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BRPD611R - Johnson/Evinrude V6 60° Carbureted 150-175HP 1991-2006
BRPL619R - Johnson/Evinrude V6 90° FICHT 200-250HP 1999-2005
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