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Universal Fuel Level Sending Unit Kit P/N 172114

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Easy
Sections 3


  1. Preface
  2. Step 1. Prepare for Installation
  3. Step 2. Install Sending Unit

Safety Considerations

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  • hurt yourself or bystanders
  • hurt boat operator, passengers
  • damage the machinery

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The important safeguards and instructions appearing in these directions cannot cover all possible conditions or situations that occur. The person following these directions must use common sense, caution and care.

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The fuel level sending unit is designed to accommodate fuel tank depths from 152,44mm (6 in.) to 0,6096m (24 in.). It must be assembled to fit your tank with the float arm pointing along the tank length.

Actions to Be Performed

Step 1. Prepare for Installation

Step 2. Install Sending Unit

Step 1. Prepare for Installation

1. Read complete installation instructions prior to starting work.

2. Check contents of kit.

Ref. Name of Part Qty
1 Sender Assembly 1
2 Float and Float Arm 1
3 Mounting Gasket 1
4 Mounting Screw 5

3. Disconnect battery cables from battery. An accidental arc could cause an explosion.

4. Measure and record depth of fuel tank.

5. Divide measurement in half and add 4,8mm (3/16 in.) to half.

  • Example using metric measurement:

Fuel tank depth of 254,0mm divided by 2 equals 127,0mm. Add 4,8mm for a total of 131,8mm.

  • Example using U.S. customary measurement:

Fuel tank depth of 10 in. divided by 2 equals 5 in. plus 3/16 in. for a total of 5-3/16 in.

6. Measure from bottom of mounting flange (A) along support arm (B) and mark support arm (C).

7. Remove and retain terminal nut (D), lockwasher (E), and flat washer (F).

8. Loosen mounting flange and support arm nut (G) and remove resistor wire (H) from slot.

9. Loosen resistor housing clamp screws (I). Slide resistor housing up support arm and align mark (C) with center of rivet (K). Securely tighten resistor housing clamp screws (I).

10. Measure down support arm from mark (C) 38mm (1-1/2 in.) and cut off excess support arm.

11. cut resistor wire (H) to suitable length and strip 14,3mm (9/16 in.) insulation from wire.


12. Align mounting flange holes with those of fuel tank, being sure float arm is pointing along fuel tank length. Install mounting gasket (J) over support arm.

13. Install resistor wire into slot (L) under mounting flange and support screw (M). Securely tighten support screw nut.

14. Refer to chart for fuel tank depth (N) and float arm dimensions (O).

  • Example using metric measurement:

Fuel tank depth of 254,0mm (N). Float arm length is 114,3mm (O).

  • Example using U.S. customary measurement:

Fuel tank depth of 10 in. (N). Float arm length is 4-1/2 in. (O).

Care should be taken in handling the float arm. Any damage to float arm or float will cause sender error.

[10] [11]
15. Using proper dimension (O), measure float arm ** (P)** and bend float arm at dimension in the same direction as original hook (Q).

  • Example: tank depth 254,0mm (N) (10 in. (N)) float arm 114,3mm (O) (4-1/2 in. (O)).

16. Measure 6,35mm (1/4 in.) for hook (R) from bend of float arm and cut off excess.

17. Install hook end of float arm into resistor housing arm ** (S)**.

18. Crimp resistor housing arm (T) around float arm.

Step 2. Install Sending Unit

1. Sending unit must be grounded to fuel tank for proper operation. Staple (U) through mounting gasket (J) provides a ground. A wire can also be attached to a mounting screw to battery ground.

2. Align holes of gasket with holes of mounting flange.

3. First install float and float arm into fuel tank, followed by the resistor and support arm.


  1. Align sender flange holes and gasket with fuel tank hole pattern and install five mounting screws. Tighten screws securely.

Attach fuel gauge wire to center terminal of sending unit. Install flat washer (F), lockwasher (E), and nut (D). Tighten nut securely.

0172114 - Fuel Level Sending Unit Assembly