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Setup Manual DF300 Foreword

Setup Manual DF300 Foreword
Suzuki Marine


This outboard motor has been designed and produced utilizing Suzuki’s most modern technology. The finest product, however, cannot perform properly unless it is correctly assembled and serviced. This set-up manual has been produced to aid you in properly assembling and servicing this outboard motor.

  • This manual has been prepared on the basis of the latest specifications at the time of publication. If modifications have been made since then, differences may exist between the content of this manual and the actual outboard motor.

  • Illustrations in this manual are used to show the basic principles of operation and work procedures and may not represent the actual outboard motor exactly in detail.

  • This manual is intended for those who have enough knowledge and skills to service SUZUKI outboard motors. Without such knowledge and skills, you should not attempt servicing by relying on this manual only. Instead, please contact your nearby authorized SUZUKI outboard motor dealer.

Apprentice mechanics or do-it-yourself mechanics that don’t have the proper tools and equipment may not be able to properly perform the services described in this manual. Improper assembly and/or servicing may result in injury to the mechanic and may render the engine unsafe for the boat operator and passengers.

Electronic calibration is required before use. After installation of this product, the Suzuki Precision Control system requires electronic calibration, only by a person who has been specifically trained in the Suzuki Precision Control system. Improper electronic calibration of the system will make this product and/or the system inoperable or unsafe for use.

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