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Remote Electric Starting Kit P/N 174973

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Easy
Sections 1

Safety Considerations

These instructions will alter you to certain things you should do very carefully. If you don't, you could...

  • hurt yourself or bystanders
  • hurt boat operator, passengers
  • damage the machinery

appears next to information important to prevent you and others from being hurt.

appears next to information important to keep machinery from being damaged.

The important safeguards and instructions appearing in these directions cannot cover all possible conditions or situations that occur. The person following these directions must use common sense, caution and care.

Product Reference & Illustration

When reference is made to brand name, product or specific tool, an equivalent product may be used in place of the referred to product. Substitute products used must have equivalent characteristics, including type, strength, and material. Incorrect substitution may result in product malfunction and possible injury to the operator and/or passengers.

All photographs and illustrations used may not necessarily depict actual models or equipment, but are intended only for reference. Specifications used are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.


This kit includes all hardware and fittings necessary to convert CE and newer Evinrude® and Johnson® 20, 25, 30, and 35 tiller electric models to remote electrical starting.

To The Installer

The Installation of this kit requires the use of Special Service Tools and complex service procedures.

Read complete installation instructions prior to starting work. This kit should be installed by a trained service technician using current technical literature. These instructions are not intended for consumer use.

This kit is intended to be used in conjunction with remote control and steering kits. Refer to the Service Manual and remove tiller handle, throttle cable, and stop switch wiring in preparation for installation. select a remote control recommended for use with Johnson or Evinrude outboards.

Read complete installation instructions prior to starting work.

Give these installation instructions to the future owner. The instructions contain safety warnings and other information vital to the continued safe use of the product.

To the New Owner

Retain these installation instructions with your Owner's/Operator's Manual. They contain installation and operating information for future reference.

Emergency Ignition cutoff Switch

You should use an accessory emergency ignition cutoff switch under the following conditions:

  • If boat has sensitive steering response.

  • If boat is unusually light or fast.

  • If there is less than 12 in. (305 mm) between the top of the driver's seat cushion and the gunwale.

Check contents of kit:

Ref. Name of Part Qty.
1 Small Retainer 1
2 Fuse Holder Retainer 1
3 Large Cable Retainer 1
4 Connector 1
5 Receptacle 1
6 Fuse 1
7 Fuel Primer Solenoid 1
8 Cap 1
9 Ground Screw 1
10 Star Washer 1
11 Solenoid Bracket 1
12 Solenoid Bracket Clamp 1
13 Locknut-Primer Solenoid 2
14 Screw-Primer Solenoid 1
15 Tee 1
16 Fuel Hose 1
17 Carburetor Screw Plug 1
18 Gasket-Screw Plug 1
19 Screw-Ignition Switch 5
20 Ignition Switch & Keys 1
21 Ignition Bezel 1
22 Mounting Screws-Ignition Bezel 2
23 Ignition Choke Push Knob 1
24 Instrument Cable Assembly 1
25 Engine Cable Assembly 1
26 Cable Clamp 1
27 Screw-Cable Clamp 2
28 Grommet-Cable Clamp 1
29 Boat Clamp 4
30 Screw-Boat Clamp 4
31 Decal-Engine Cover 1
32 Small Plug, Cover 1
33 Large Plug, Cover 1
34 Large Tie Strap 4
35 Small Tie Strap 4

To prevent accidental starting of engine, disconnect battery leads from battery terminals.

Disconnect starter solenoid wires from large terminal (A) and small terminals (B) of solenoid.

Remove tie strap and hose from fuel primer. Remove and discard fuel primer knob screw (C) and knob.

Remove and discard fuel primer retaining nut (D) and fuel primer.

Detach battery cable grommet from lower engine cover and pull cable inside engine cover.

Remove and discard start switch assembly.

Remove protective paper from back of decal (31) and install decal onto lower engine cover.

Cut out stop switch hole and primer pump hole in decal.

Install small plug (32) into switch hole and large plug (33) into primer pump hole of engine cover.

Remove and discard nipple (E) and gasket from float bowl. Install orifice plug gasket (18) and orifice plug (17) into carburetor float bowl. Tighten orifice plug securely.

Remove two manifold screws and file boss to eliminate interference with solenoid clamp.

Attach solenoid ground using star washer (10) and install bracket (11) to manifold with two retained manifold screws.

Plug small nipple on solenoid with cap (8) and attach large and small hoses and secure with tie straps.

Clamp solenoid into position with bracket clamp (12), screws (14) and locknuts (13).

Splice into outlet hose from fuel pump to Carburetor with tee (15) and secure with tie straps.

[14] [15] [16]
On engine cable (25), fold back and tape yellow/red (C), red (D) and yellow/red (E) wires.

Reroute battery cables through new hole in lower engine cover.

Route engine cable (25) on powerhead using existing clamps and attach fuse clamp (2) and holder to cable with small tie straps.

Attach battery red cable (F) and yellow/red wires (G) to starter solenoid.

Coat all electrical connections with Black Neoprene Dip 0909570.

On CE models, remove Amphenol connector from clamp. Remove black/yellow wire from small receptacle using Pin Removal Tool P/N 0332698.

On ES and newer models, do not remove Amphenol receptacle.

Install black/yellow wires into large Amphenol receptacle (5) and plug (4) using Installer Tool P/N 0322697.

Replace small connector clamp with larger clamp (1) and secure to engine with two small tie straps (35).

Attach ground wire (A).

Attach two purple/white wires to solenoid with screw (9).

Route leads of Instrument cable through hole in cover.

Attach retainer (3), clamp together and place in clamps on cylinder head.

[25] [26]
Attach grommet (28) to cable. Secure cable to cover with clamp (26) and screws (27).

Route the instrument cable (24) to front of boat along gunwale. Fasten the cable in place with four screws (30) and J-clamps (29).

A 1 1/2 in. (38 mm) diameter hole is required for installation of the ignition switch. Use key switch bezel (21) as a template for mounting holes.

Route cable through hole and install bezel onto key switch (20) and tighten nut.

Attach wires to key switch with screws (19). See the proper Service Manual for proper wiring of key switch.