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Remote Electric Start Kit

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Medium
Sections 2


  1. Preface
  2. Test Installation

These installation instructions contain information that can help prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. Understand the following symbols before proceeding:

Alerts you to the possibility of danger and identifies information that will help prevent injuries.

Identifies information that will help prevent damage to machinery.

Appears next to information that controls correct assembly and operation of the product.


The assembly procedures outlined in this sheet should be performed by a skilled technician. If you have questions, see your DEALER. Save these instructions in your owner's kit. This sheet contains information important to the future use and maintenance of your engine.


Give this sheet to the owner. Advise the owner of any special operation or maintenance information contained in the instructions.


This kit converts a 1995 (EO) and newer 3 cylinder 25/35 Evinrude® or Johnson® manual start outboards to remote electric start with regulated 12-amp battery charging.

Call-out NUMBERS (1), (2), etc. in text and illustrations refer ONLY to specific items in Contents of Kit illustration and list. Call-out LETTERS (A), (B), etc. are used over and over - on different items on other pages.

Installation of this kit involves procedures described in detail in the Service Manual.

Contents of Kit

Ref. Name of Part Qty.
1 Engine Harness 1
2 Battery Cable 1

Contents of Kit

Ref. Name of Part Qty.
3 Electric Starter 1
4 Rectifier/Regulator 1
5 Primer Solenoid 1
6 Electrical Bracket 1
7 Electrical Bracket Cover 1
8 Starter Solenoid 1
9 Stator Assembly 1
10 Grommet 1

Contents of Kit

Ref. Name of Part Qty.
11 Fuel Hose Tee 1
12 Fuel Hose to Primer Solenoid 1
13 Primer Solenoid to Intake Manifold Hose 1
14 Flywheel Nut 1
15 20-Amp Fuse 1
16 Fuse Holder 1
17 Starter Solenoid Sleeve 1
18 Primer Solenoid Clamp 1
19 Primer Solenoid Clamp and Stud Lock Washer 3
20 Motor Cover and Primer Clamp Screw 2
21 Motor Cover Clamp 1
22 Electrical Connector Retainer 1
23 Retainer Screw 2
24 Motor Cover Plug 1
25 Ground Stud 1
26 Ground Stud Nut 2
27 Electrical Bracket Cover Screw 2
28 Rectifier/Regulator Screw 2
29 Starter Solenoid Clamp 1
30 Starter Solenoid Clamp Screw 2
31 Starter Motor Screw 2
32 Starter Solenoid Nut 2
33 Starter solenoid Lock Washer 2
34 Starter Solenoid Nut 3
35 Starter Solenoid Lock Washer 3
36 Electrical Bracket to Starter Screw 1
37 Bus Bar 1
38 Bus Bar to Starter Lock Washer 1
39 Bus Bar to Starter Nut 1
40 Tie Strap 4
41 Tie Strap 3

To avoid accidentally starting engine while servicing, twist and remove all spark plug leads.

Remove air silencer, lower motor cover, and choke cable assembly.

Disconnect 2-pin connector (A). Remove manual starter and flywheel. Discard flywheel nut.

Disconnect stator 4-pin connector (B) from ignition module. Remove stator assembly and discard.

Install stator assembly (9). Apply Nut Lock to threads of mounting screws and tighten to 84-106 in. lbs. (9,6-12,0 Nm). Route round connector (C) forward. Latch 4-pin connector into ignition module.

Disconnect ignition module to engine harness 4-pin connector (D). Remove and save ground screw (E), lock washer, and ground wires from powerhead.

Remove ignition module red/tan wire socket from terminal "A" of 2-pin connector.

Cut off fuel hose 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) from fuel manifold.

Install fuel hose tee (11) between fuel manifold hose and oil mixing hose. Position small nipple towards powerhead. Install primer solenoid hose (12) on small nipple. Secure fuel hoses with tie straps (41) and small hose with tie strap (40).

Position straight side of clamp (18) to back of primer solenoid (5). Install fuel hose on primer solenoid nipple (F). Install primer hose (13) to solenoid nipple (G), secure with tie straps.

Position and secure primer solenoid assembly to powerhead with lock washer (19) and screw (20). If fuel hose is pinched or crimped behind solenoid, correct prior to tightening screw securely.

Remove tie strap and cap (A) from the intake manifold nipple.

Route primer hose up behind fuel manifold assembly and install on intake manifold nipple. Secure with tie strap.

Apply Screw Lock to two screws (23). Install stator connector bracket (22) with finger (B) facing down and to starboard. Torque screws to 36-60 in. lbs. (4-6 Nm).

Route the rectifier/regulator (4) 3-bullet connectors over and behind the throttle cam and shaft (C). Route stator round connector yellow/gray and yellow wires under the 3-bullet connector wires.

Position the rectifier/regulator on crankcase and secure with two screws (28). Tighten screws to 60-84 in. lbs.. Align and push the round connectors together until they lock. Slide the connector on finger.

Remove the upper oil tank bracket screw. Remove wire retainers, then disconnect 3-pin connector and 2-pin connector. Remove and discard engine harness.

Route the 3-bullet connectors and fuse connector end of the engine harness (1) forward under the oil tank bracket and between the lower oil tank and cylinder.

Align 3-pin oil tank connector with the engine harness 3-pin connector and push together. Align 2-pin oil tank connector with the engine harness 2-pin connector and push together. Secure both connectors with wire retainers.

Install socket of red/tan wire in terminal "A" of 2-pin connector.

Push the purple/white wire bullet connector from primer solenoid to the engine harness connector together.

Secure black ground wires to powerhead with lock washer and screw.

Install tie strap (41) around cylinder boss and stator cable.

Remove and discard manual full advance stop.

Remove throttle cable (A) from throttle link. Remove shift cable clip and shift rod (B) from shift lever. Loosen and rotate cable anchor retainer (C) on anchor block.

Remove steering handle attachment nut, washer, and screw (D).

Remove steering handle assembly, throttle cable, shift rod, and lower motor cover grommet.

Preassemble starter solenoid to starter as follows:

Slide Starter solenoid sleeve (17) on solenoid (8). Position solenoid against starter bosses (E) on bottom of starter. Install starter solenoid clamp (29) and secure with two screws (30). Tighten screws securely. Install bus bar (37) on starter and solenoid large terminals. Secure with lock washers (35) and (38), and nuts (34) and (39).

Secure wires to solenoid as follows:

  • Large red wire ring to large solenoid terminal. Secure with lock washer (35) and nut (34).
  • Yellow/red wire to "S" terminal.
  • Black wire to "I" terminal. Secure with lock washers (33) and nut (32).

Position starter assembly on powerhead and secure with two screws (31). Tighten screws to 85-106 in. lbs. (9,6-12,0 Nm).

Secure electrical bracket (6) to starter bracket with screw (36) and ground stud (25). Tighten screw and ground stud securely.

Install the following in the electrical bracket:

Fuse holder (16) and spare fuse (15)
(A) Male connector
(B) Female connector
(C) Fuse

Route cable between the electrical bracket and oil tank.

Secure black ground wire to ground stud with lock washer (19) and nut (26).

Connect rectifier/regulator 3-bullet connectors to engine harness matching colored wire connectors.

Install flywheel, using flywheel nut (14), manual starter assembly, and manual starter lockout link.

Route warning system cable on outside of manual starter housing. Connect 2-pin warning system connectors (D) and connect 4-pin connectors (E) and then install in bracket.

Install lower motor cover and tighten screws securely.

Install battery cable (2) as follows:

(F) Red positive (+) wire to large solenoid terminal. secure with lock washer (35) and nut (34). Tighten nut securely.
(G) Black ground (-) wire to ground stud. Secure with lock washer (19) and nut (26). Tighten nut securely.

Red cover of positive wire must cover solenoid terminal.

Install electrical bracket cover (7) and secure with two screws** (27)**. Tighten both screws securely.

Route battery and engine harness (1) along starboard side of lower motor cover. Install motor cover clamp (21)and screw (20) to retain cables against cover. Tighten screw securely.

Install lower motor cover grommet (10) as follows:

  • Battery cables in lower elongated hole (A).
  • The remote shift cable will route through bottom hole (B).
  • The remote throttle cable will route through top hole (C).

Install motor cover plug (24) into lower motor cover.

Install air silencer, drain hose, and spark plug leads.

Follow your Service Manual for correct synchronization and linkage adjustments.

Test Installation

Launch boat in water or connect a flushing adapter to outboard. Attach lanyard to the emergency stop switch. Shift outboard to NEUTRAL and start engine using key switch. Check that engine stops by pulling emergency stop switch lanyard off stop switch. If engine does not stop, inspect emergency stop switch, wires, and connectors.

Attach lanyard to the emergency stop switch and start engine using key switch. When key switch is turned OFF, engine should stop. If engine does not stop, inspect key switch "M" terminals, related wiring, and connectors.

The engine should not start in either FORWARD or REVERSE gear when key is turned to the start position. If engine starts, check emergency stop switch, wires, and connectors.

0176905 - KIT AY,REM START