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Pa17-07 Ecstar Launch Announcement [Accessory Bulletin] [Pa17-07] [07-28-2017]

Pa17-07 Ecstar Launch Announcement [Accessory Bulletin] [Pa17-07] [07-28-2017]
Suzuki Marine

ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Marine Oil Announcement

Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories is pleased to announce the U.S. launch of ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Marine Oil!!
Ecstar Suzuki Genuine Marine Oil was developed by Suzuki engineers to provide the following benefits:

  • Advanced detergents keep internal engine parts clean

  • Higher quality base oils improve fuel economy and help engines start easily in cold weather

  • Special additives to help protect engines in both salt and fresh water environments

  • FC-W Certification by the NMMA

ECSTAR Part Numbers Unit Size Dealer Cost Retail Retail Per Bottle
990C0-01E30-QUA 12 quarts per case $60.95 $107.40 $8.95/qt
990C0-01E30-GLN 4 gallons per case $74.95 $135.80 $33.95/gal
990C0-01E30-DRU 55 Gallon Drum $824.92 $1,699.00 $30.89/gal
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