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OMC Stringer Shift Converter Installation

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Medium
  1. Install shift converter housing and spacer studs on intermediate Install washers and nuts, and torque the nuts to 10-12 ft. Ibs. (14-16 N.m). See Figure 7-1-111.

Figure 7-1-111

  1. Install the remote control, throttle and shift control cables following the manufacturer's instructions supplied with these assemblies.

Check to see that the shift arm does not move from the marked neutral position during the assembly of the remote control shift cable to the arm.

This stern drive unit does not incorporate start-in-gear protection. The remote control selected must provide this protection in order to prevent the operator from starting engine while the drive unit is in forward or reverse gear. Starting in gear may cause operator to lose control of the boat.

See Figure 7-1-111 for a typical installation of the remote control cable to the shift converter housing and to shift arm pin. To install the remote control cable. loosen the retainer screw, and pivot retainer to clear anchor pocket. See Figure 7-1-112. Insert remote control cable, reposition retainer, and torque screw to 5-7 ft. Ibs. (7-9 N.m).

Detailed instructions should be included with the respective remote control and cable assemblies chosen for this application. Follow these instructions carefully and perform each of the assembly and adjustment steps indicated to prevent possible damage to the shift system.

Failure to position the retainer as shown in Figure 7-1-112 and to properly tighten retainer screw may result in the shift cable disengaging from the shift converter housing. This will result in loss of the shifting function, causing operator to lose control of the boat.

This shift system requires a minimum 2.5 inch (63.5 mm) shift stroke input at the shift arm attaching pin.

  1. Check that the cotter pin (attached by a wire to the cover) is removed.

Operating shift system with the cotter pin in place could result in shift malfunction or loss of start in gear protection, causing operator to lose control of boat.

  1. Recheck tensioner by raising pawls and pushing in on the shift cable assembly. Reengage pawls and allow the spring to automatically tension the cable. Do not pull on the cable to generate additional tension. This increased tension would greatly increase the force required to shift at the remote control handle.

Raise pawls only far enough to disengage tensioner. Additional displacement of pawls may cause the torsion spring to deform or dislocate. This will result in loss of cable through tension and may cause a shift malfunction, causing operator to lose control of the boat.

  1. Before operating boat, tie securely or dock to prevent forward or backward motion. Start engine with remote control in neutral. With engine at idle speed, cycle remote control to forward-neutral-reverse-neutral several times to insure system is working properly. Stop engine in forward gear, and attempt to re-start in gear. Repeat for reverse gear. If unit starts in either gear, readjust remote control. If unit continues to start in either gear, readjust Nominal Neutral, steps 1 thru 6.

  2. Disconnect the remote control cable from the shift arm pin at the shift converter. Set engine to obtain 800 rpm in gear. Cycle the unit three or four times through the shift range, one cycle to equal N-F-N-R-N. Unit must shift smoothly with no delay. If hard shifting or other shift problem is noted, see OMC Stringer Shifting Troubleshooting Chart.

Continued operation of unit with hard shifting may cause operator to lose control of boat.

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