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OMC Stringer Shift Cap & Cable Install

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Repair Time 1 to 2 hours
Repair Difficulty Medium
Sections 4


  1. Inspection Procedure
  2. Change Hydromechanical Cap for use in Full Mechanical installation.
  3. Reassembly
  4. Installation of Shift Housing Assembly

Shift Housing Disassembly and Assembly

  1. Remove shift housing cover screws and lockwashers. lift off the cover and discard the gasket.

  2. With a screwdriver pry out the pinion shaft retainer. Discard the O-ring.

  3. With Special Tool Part No. 909881. pull out the pinion shaft seals, bearing, and washer by threading the tool onto the end of the shaft. Discard the pinion shaft umbrella seal. O-ring. and plastic washer.

  4. Lift out the drive pulley and remove the shift cable pucks from the slots. Note the difference in the size of the cable pucks and the direction the core wires wrap around the pulley.

  5. Using side cutter pliers pry out the idler pulley shaft. Discard the quad-ring. Lift out the pulley and two washers.

  6. Remove two cable retainer screws and discard. Note the position of the retainer tab. then pullout shift cable.

  7. Clean sealer off housing with solvent.

Inspection Procedure

1. Clean all parts (except cable) in solvent and dry thoroughly.
2. Inspect shift housing and cover for cracks, nicks or burrs, especially on gasket faces.
3. Inspect the bearings for corrosion or damage. Replace as required.
4. Inspect shift cable for cracks and frayed or kinked core wires. Shift cable core wires damaged by fraying or severe kinking must be replaced. Continued use of shift cable with damaged core wires may result in core wire breakage, causing operator to lose control of boat.
5. Inspect the pinion shaft rack teeth and splines forchips. burrs or corrosion that would prevent proper engagement.

Change Hydromechanical Cap for use in Full Mechanical installation.

On the underside of the cap are two tabs that extend down. The tabs should be cut flush with the bottom of the cap to allow installation and avoid interference with shifting.


All of the parts in this assembly are vital operating parts and must be properly installed and secured.If part replacement is necessary use only OMC parts specifically designed for this application.Improper assembly sequence, failure to use all parts and/or substitution of parts designated for this assembly may cause shift malfunction or loss of start in gear protection and may cause operator to lose control of boat.

1. Lubricate retainer with soapy water and place the retainer on the new shift cable: When properly attached. index rib of cable will be at open end of retainer slot.
2. Insure that cables are parallel and insert into shift housing.
3. Feed small puck and cable into idler pulley chamber.
4. Feed other cable into drive pulley chamber.
5. Install retainer and new lock patch screws. Tighten screws to a torque of 5-7 ft. Ibs. (7-9 N.m).
6. Grease the idler pulley bearing with OMC Extreme Pressure Grease or equivalent. Place a new quad-ring on the idler pulley shaft, and lubricate with gearcase oil. Install the pin, washer, pulley, and washer in that order. Push shaft thru pulley into the housing., spin pulley and see if it turns freely, then seat the shaft with a hammer. Do not drive pin removal groove below housing surface. Make sure the shift cable wire with the small puck end runs under the idler pulley. See Figure 7-1-49.
7. Grease the pinion shaft bearings (one on the shaft and one in the shift housing) with OMC Extreme Pressure Grease or equivalent.
8. Coat a new pinion shaft O-ring and a new umbrella seal with OMC Triple-Guard Grease, press O-ring into seal.
9. With Special Tool Part No. 909967, install the umbrella seal and O-ring (umbrella seal must face away from pinion gear) onto the pinion shaft.
10. With the drive pulley grooved surface facing the rack support. insert the cable pucks into the pulley.
11. With the cables attached, give the pulley a 1800 twist clockwise. Pull the cable ends and bring the pulley down into the housing.
12. Note the position of the uncut spline on the shaft and insert the shaft, O-ring and seal assembly into the housing.
13. Rotate the pinion gear until the uncut splines align with those of the drive pulley The pulle'y' uncut splines are directly below the large puck hole. Press in on the shaft until nose slides thru pulley and into bearing.
14. Place a new washer onto the shaft so that washer rests against the pinion gear.
15. With Special Tool Part No. 909882, install the bearing by presSing against lettered side of bearing. Special Tool will set bearing to the correct depth: when it seats against housing.
16. After installation make sure the umbrella seal lips are not folded under.
17. Install a new O-ring on the retainer. Coat O-ring with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Push retainer into shift housing until it seats.
18. Before installing cover, make sure shift wires run parallel under pulleys and do not cross. Coat both sides of the cover gasket with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Replace the cover, gasket, four screws, and washers. Tighten screws to a torque of 7-10 in. Ibs. (0.8-1.0 N.m).
19. Prior to assembly to the lower gearcase, pressure and vacuum test the shift housing assembly for leakage. This will prevent the installation of a shift housing assembly with a bad pinion shaft seal or shift cable assembly. To perform this test. use the hose and clamps required for pressure checking the lower unit. Attach one end of the hose on the three sealing ribs halfway down the cable, the other to a gearcase pressure tester. Pressurize the assembly to 3-5 psi (27-34 kPa) for 5 minutes. No drop in pressure should be realized.
20. Next, attach a gearcase vacuum tester to the hose. Pull vacuum to 3-5 Inches of mercury for 5 minutes. No loss of vacuum should be realized.

Installation of Shift Housing Assembly

1. Coat both sides of a new shift housing gasket with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound and place it on the gearcase.
2. Before installing the shift housing and cable assembly, pull the long cable out as far as it will go. The short cable should be completely seated, and should measure approximately 4-7/8" to center of puck. See dimension "A" in
3. With long cable fully extended, position shift housing over the shift rod and engage rack with pinion in shift hbusing by pulling on short cable while maintaining tension on long cable.
4. Forward cable Will lengthen, and reverse cable will shorten durring installation.
5. Hold flange of shift housing as near parallel to gearcase mounting flange to provide for engaging the correct pinion tooth.
6. Install SIX shift cable housing screws dipped in OMC Gasket Sealing Compound or equivalent, and torque tq 60-70 in. Ibs. (6.8-9.4 N.m).
7. After shift housing installation on gearcase, the cable mean distance travel must be checked as follows:
8. While rotating drive,shaft by hand, shift the unit into forward gear by pulling on the short cable Measure "A" dimension to center of puck.
9. Shift into reverse gear (long cable) and remeasure "A" on short cable to center of puck.
10. The mean distance ( "A1"+ "A2" )/2 must fall within 7-5/32 to 7-29/32" (18.2 to 20.08cm). If this dimension is not met, disassemble and repeat step 2, changing slightly the 4-7/8" starting dimensions.

Continued assembly of shift cable that does not meet the 7-5/32 to 7-29/32" (18.2 to 20.08cm) dimension may lead to shift stroke restriction at the shift converter housing ard prevent full engagement of the clutch dog. This can result in ratcheting that can damage shift system components.

0317201 - OMC FL *GSKT SEAL 16OZ
0909881 - Johnson/Evinrude, OMC PIN SHFT&BRG RMYR
0909967 - Johnson/Evinrude, OMC SEAL PROTECTOR