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OMC Stringer Overstroke Switch Adjustment

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Medium
  1. If the adjustment is being made on a unit already installed, disconnect Amphenol
    connector on switch leads and remote control shift cable from shift lever.

Figure 7-1-97

  1. Connect an ohmmeter or continuity test light to leads A and B in Amphenol connector See Figure 7-1-98 When shift arm is in neutral the meter should show continuity.

Figure 7-1-98

  1. To ensure full shift travel of shift arm on shift assist assembly, run engine at 400-600 RPM.

  2. Manually move shift arm to full forward position.

  3. Stop engine. Loosen middle and bottom actuator screws. Move forward switch actuator just far enough to cause meter to lose continuity. See Figure 7-1-99.

Figure 7-1-99

  1. Note position of the end of the forward switch actuator on reference marks. See Figure 7-1-100.

Figure 7-1-100

  1. Move forward switch actuator clockwise (upwards) one mark. Tighten bottom screw only See Figure 7-1-101.

Figure 7-1-101

  1. Move shift lever to neutral, start engine, then move shift arm to full reverse position. Stop engine.

  2. Loosen top actuator screw. Move reverse switch actuator just far enough to cause meter to lose continuity. See Figure 7-1-102.

Figure 7-1-102

  1. Note position of reference marks at end of forward switch actuator. See Figure 7-1-103.

Figure 7-1-103

  1. Move reverse switch actuator counterclockwise (downward) one mark. Tighten top and center screws. See Figure 7-1-104.

Figure 7-1-104

  1. Locate connector on wires from shift assist module. The location of the module is shown in Figures 7-1-105, 7-1-106 and 7-1-107. The 2.5 and 3.0 Litre models module is brown, the 3.8 Litre models module is light blue, and the 5.0and 5.7 Litre models module is black.

Figure 7-1-105

Figure 7-1-106

Figure 7-1-107

If an incorrect module is used, the engine may die when shifting out of gear or it may be difficult to shift out of gear.

  1. If unit is already installed, reconnect Amphenol connector and shift cable.

A few drops of OMC 2x4 Fuel Conditioner or denatured alcohol will lubricate rubber connector and ease assembly.

Next Step: OMC Stringer Test of Switches and Electronic Shift Assist Operation

0766210 - Johnson/Evinrude, OMC 2+4 FUEL COND-32OZ