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OMC Stringer Mechanical Shift Outdrive Installation

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Repair Time 1 to 2 hours
Repair Difficulty Medium

Disconnect the battery to prevent grounding of the shift core wires on electrical components during installation. Resulting damage to the core wires would necessitate replacement of the entire shift cable assembly.

Continued use of shift cable with damaged core wires may result in core wire breakage, causing operator to lose control of boat.

When the shift cable assembly is replaced, nominal neutral and overstroke switch adjustment will have to be redetermined. See instructions entitled "Nominal Neutral Adjustment" and "Overstroke Switch Adjustment."

The steering cable must be installed in the boat, and the helm and drum in the intermediate housing must be centered prior to installing the drive unit. The drive must be installed in the straight-ahead position to insure equal steering to port and starboard. Refer to Steering System Installation Instructions.

On boats capable of planning speeds, use only steering systems that operate through the steering worm and sector gear in the vertical drive.

The use of a steering system that by-passes the "no-feedback" feature of the worm and sector gear may result in severe fishtailing which may cause the operator to lose control of the boat.

  1. Install O-rings and trunnion bearing liners on the trunnion bearings as shown in Figure 7-1-83. These liners must be installed on the unit with the slot facing forward as shown. Lubricate with OMC Triple-Guard Grease.

Figure 7-1-83

  1. Remove the shift cable retainer screw, and lockwasher, from the intermediate housing. See Figure 7-1-84.

Figure 7-1-84

Before installing vertical drive, be sure shift cable retainer is clipped into retaining groove on cable seal fitting. See Figure 7-1-83. If cable retainer is not in groove it is possible to pull seal fitting all the way through the intermediate housing. The cable cannot be pulled back into correct position without damaging the seal fitting. A leaking seal fitting may cause boat to sink. Do not bend sharply, force or use tools when pulling shift cable through intermediate housing.

  1. Apply a soapy water solution to shift cable assembly. This reduces the force to pull the shift cable thru the intermediate housing bore, and prevents damage to the shift cable casing and the seal fitting.

  2. Carefully start the core end fittings, wires, and shift cable into the hole through the intermediate housing. See Figures 7-1-84 and 7-1-85. Now lift the drive unit until trunnion bearings are up against the bearing seats, guiding the shift cable through the intermediate housing until the molded rubber seal fitting is close to entering the intermediate housing passage. See Figure 7-1-85.

Figure 7-1-85

Pull cable through intermediate housing carefully. If the cable fitting is pulled through the hole in the intermediate housing it will be impossible to pull it back into the hole without damaging the cable.

Be sure trunnion bearing liners are in position. then place the pivot caps into position as shown in Figure 7-1-86, and assemble with four bolts. At this point. snug up but do not tighten the bolts.

Figure 7-1-86

The pivot caps are marked Rand L to indicate the correct location. Match them to the Rand L on the intermediate trunnion seat.

  1. Assemble the port and starboard gaskets, O-ring, cover plate and pivot cap cover to the intermediate housing noting cover plate is marked "Top" Align the holes In the gaskets and plates with the holes in the intermediate housing. as shown in Figure 7-1-86. Install the ground wire under the pivot cap screw as shown in Figure 7-1-87 Torque the eight pivot cap cover screws to 60-80 in. lbs. (7-9 N.m).

Figure 7-1-87

  1. Torque the four pivot cap screws to 18-20 ft.lbs. (24-27 N.m). Grease each trunnion with OMC Triple Guard Grease or equivalent through fittings on pivot caps

  2. Push the steering bumpers onto the pivot caps as shown in Figure 7-1-87 A drop of gearcase oil in each bumper hole will ease the installation.

  3. Seat the shift cable seal fitting into the intermediate housing until cable retainer contacts surface. Coat threads of the cable retainer screw with OMC Gasket Sealing Compound. Install the cable retainer screw and lock washer as shown in Figure 7-1-84. It may be necessary to raise the unit for required clearance to install the cable retainer. If this IS necessary, make sure the shift cable core wires in the boat are clear of any electrical connections. Reconnect the battery and tilt the unit up as required. Tighten the cable retainer screw to proper torque of 60-70 in. lbs. (7-9 N.m). When assembly of the cable retainer is complete, tilt the unit down and disconnect the battery before proceeding.

Next Step: OMC Stringer Installation of Cable in Shift Converter

0508298 - Johnson/Evinrude, OMC TRIPLE GUARD 8 OZ

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