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OMC Cobra Outdrive Lubricant Filling


OMC Cobra Outdrive Lubricant Filling


Step 1: Place the drive in a vertical position

Place the drive in a vertical position. Remove the level indicator gauge and discard the seal. Install a new seal, then insert the gauge into the housing and let it rest on top of the threads.

Do not screw in the gauge. Gauge must rest on threads to ensure adding the proper amount of oil when making an initial fill. It will also allow the reservoir to vent while filling.

Step 2: Remove the fill plug

Remove the fill plug on the side of the lower gearcase above the anti-ventilation plate. Discard the nylon washer and replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Fill the drive with OMC Hi-Vis gearcase lubricant

Fill the drive with OMC Hi-Vis gearcase lubricant. Fill slowly to allow air to purge.

Filling drive too quickly may form air pockets that will cause an inaccurate oil level reading. Running drive with improper oil level will result in immediate internal damage.

Step 4: Frequently check gauge while filling

Frequently check gauge while filling. When oil reaches level line, stop filling and screw in gauge. This will create an air lock to prevent oil loss when the fill plug is installed. Tighten fill plug to a torque of 60-84 in Ibs. (7-9 N.m). Finish procedure by tightening level indicator to a torque of 10-12 ft. Ibs. (14-16 N.m).

Step 5: After drive has been run, recheck oil level

After drive has been run, recheck oil level. Fill drive through gauge opening to bring oil up to level line on gauge. Take this and subsequent level readings with gauge completely screwed in. Checks made with gauge resting on threads are for initial fill only.