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OMC 4-Cycle Engine Removal

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type I/O
Repair Time 1 to 2 hours
Repair Difficulty Medium
Sections 8


Check engine clearance between front of engine and engine compartment bulkhead prior to starting work. If clearance is less than 6", the vertical drive must be removed to disengage driveshaft from engine coupler.

When engine clearance is more than 6 in. (152,5 mm), the engine can be pulled forward to disengage the driveshaft from the flywheel coupler, and be removed from the engine compartment.

Drive can remain installed only if engine removal does not require disturbing engine mount height. If mount height would need to be changed, remove engine and drive.

To prevent possible fire and explosion caused by ignition of fuel vapors which may be present in the engine compartment, remove the positive and negative cables from the battery.

Power Steering Disconnection

1. Disconnect both power steering lines at the hydraulic actuator.

2. To prevent fluid loss and entry of contaminants, cover both the actuator openings and line fittings. Tie lines higher than power steering pump onto. engine,to prevent damage and loss of oil during engine removal.

Fuel Supply Disconnection

3.0 Liter Models - Disconnect boat fuel line at the fuel pump. Seal end of fuel line and opening to fuel pump.

2.3, 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 Land 350/460 ,King Cobra Models - Disconnect boat fuel line at the fuel filter canister. Seal end of fuel line and opening to canister.

Electrical Cable Disconnection

  1. Disconnect the red (positive) and black (negative) cables at the battery.

  2. Unplug rubber two-wire trim/tilt sender connector.

  3. Disconnect plastic three-wire trim/tilt motor connector.

  4. Separate small rubber three-wire trim/tilt instrument cable connector.

  5. Remove large rubber instrument cable from retainer. Unscrew worm clamp and disconnect.

Exhaust Hose Removal - 3.0L Models

  1. Loosen four hose clamps.

  2. For ease of moving hose, lubricate exhaust pipe.

  1. To free exhaust hose from elbow, pry or twist hose. Slide hose down onto exhaust pipe.

Exhaust Hose Removal - 2.3, 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 Land 350/460 King Cobra Models

  1. Loosen eight exhaust hose clamps. For ease of moving lower hose, lubricate exhaust pipe.

  2. To free lower hose from exhaust adaptor, pryor twist hose. Slide hose down onto exhaust pipe.

  3. Pull adaptor and upper hose from exhaust manifold.

Throttle and Shift Cable Removal

1. Remove remote control shift cable and transom bracket shift cable from engine shift bracket. Remove cables from both of the anchor pockets and the shift lever CV. Tape the remote control and transom bracket cable adjustable trunnions to the cable to prevent misadjustment on reinstallation of cable.

2. Disconnect the throttle cable at the carburetor lever and manifold anchor block.

Water Hose Removal

Loosen the clamp and pull the water supply hose off the transom bracket water tube.

Engine Mount Separation

Use hoist with a lifting capacity of at least 1500 Ibs.

  1. Attach hoist to lifting brackets of engine.

  1. Remove and retain both elastic locknuts CD and both flat washers from rear engine mounts.

  1. Remove and retain lag screws from front engine mounts.

If vertical drive was removed, lift engine out of engine compartment. If vertical drive was not removed, lift engine slightly and pull it forward to disengage driveshaft and engine flywheel coupler. With driveshaft clear of flywheel coupler, lift engine out of engine compartment.