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Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Repair Time 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty Easy
Sections 2


  2. Oil Pump Replacement


  • Use this instruction sheet when replacing the oil pump on Evinrude® E-TEC® 115 – 200HP 60°V model outboards.


For safety reasons, this kit should be installed by an authorized Evinrude®/ Johnson® dealer. This instruction sheet is not a substitute for work experience. Additional helpful information may be found in other service literature for your engine.

This instruction sheet uses the following signal words identifying important safety messages.

Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, CAN result in severe injury or death.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, MAY result in minor or moderate personal injury or property damage. It also may be used to alert against unsafe practices.

Identifies information that will help prevent damage to machinery and appears next to information that controls correct assembly and operation of the product.

These safety alert signal words mean:


Always follow common shop safety practices. If you have not had training related to common shop safety practices, you should do so to protect yourself, as well as the people around you.

It is understood that this instruction sheet may be translated into other languages. In the event of any discrepancy, the English version shall prevail.

DO NOT do any repairs until you have read the instructions and checked the pictures relating to the repairs.

Be careful, and never rush or guess a service procedure. Human error is caused by many factors: carelessness, fatigue, overload, preoccupation, unfamiliarity with the product, and drugs and alcohol use, to name a few. Damage to a boat and outboard can be fixed in a short period of time, but injury or death has a lasting effect.

When replacement parts are required, use Evinrude/Johnson Genuine Parts or parts with equivalent characteristics, including type, strength and material. Using substandard parts could result in injury or product malfunction.

Torque wrench tightening specifications must be strictly followed. Replace any locking fastener (locknut or patch screw) if its locking feature becomes weak. Definite resistance to turning must be felt when reusing a locking fastener. If replacement is specified or required because the locking fastener has become weak, use only authorized Evinrude/Johnson Genuine Parts.

If you use procedures or service tools that are not recommended in this instruction sheet, YOU ALONE must decide if your actions might injure people or damage the outboard.

TO THE INSTALLER: Give this sheet and the operating instructions to the owner. Advise the owner of any special operation or maintenance information contained in the instructions.

TO THE OWNER: Save these instructions in your owner’s kit. This sheet contains information important to the use and maintenance of your engine.

Ref. P/N Name of Part Qty
1 311076 CLAMP, 1.5 - 2.5 in. 1
2 346785 CLAMP, 14.5 mm 1
4 5007744 PUMP, AY, Oil 1

Oil Pump Replacement

To avoid accidental starting of engine while servicing, disconnect the B+ (POS) battery cable at battery and twist and remove all spark plug leads.

Install replacement oil pump with clamp provided. Tighten clamp to 35-40 in.lbs.(4-4.5 Nm).

Carefully route all oil hoses with the protective sleeves.

IMPORTANT: 2007 and 2008 model outboards (60°V) use a shorter oil distribution hose to connect the oil pump to the rear oil manifold assembly. Reuse original hose or cut replacement hose to 32 in. (81 cm) and protective sleeve to 28 in. (71 cm).

The distribution hose (clear tubing) to the rear oil manifold must be installed in the center fitting of the oil pump. This hose DOES NOT use brass supports.

The rear oil distribution hoses (blue tubing) can be installed in any of the rear manifold fittings.

Refer to appropriate service manual for additional information.

Prime oiling system when service is complete.

Run outboard to verify operation of oiling system.

Observe outboard for leaks. Repair all leaks.

5007849 - Oil Pump

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