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OE I-Command Digital User's Guide (3.5-Inch) Instruments (P-N 355917) Abbreviations Key [Reference]

OE I-Command Digital User's Guide (3.5-Inch) Instruments (P-N 355917) Abbreviations Key [Reference]
BRP Marine

Abbreviations Key

The I-Command gauge displays data from network connected NMEA 2000 devices as follows:

  • Display Category : Category Type : Modifier : Location /Instance
  • An example might be: FUL : RM : P, is fuel remaining, port tank.

Display category and an instance/location should always appear. Depending on the device one or both category type or modifier may or may not appear.

Display Category Abbreviation
Alternato ALR
Altitude ALD
Atmospheric ATM
Battery BAT
Black Water BKW
Boost BST
Coolant WTR
Cylinder CYL
Depth DPT
Economy ECO
Engine ENG
Fluid FLD
Fresh Water FRW
Fuel FUL
Fuel Used USD
Inside IND
Intake INT
Live Well LVW
Manifold MAN
Outside OUT
Paddlewheel PDW
Pitot PTT
Range RNG
Rated RTD
Tachometer RPM
Trim Tab TTB
Waste WST
Water WTR
Category Type / Modifier Abbreviation
Absolute A
Capacity CP
Current CU
Economy E
Flow F
Ground G
Hours H
Level L
Load L
Oil O
Pressure P
Range RG
Rated RT
Remaining RM
Seasonal S
Temperature T
Torque TQ
Total T
Trim TM
Trip TP
Used U
Voltage V
Water W
Location /Instance Abbreviation
Port P
Port – Center P–C
Center C
Starboard – Center S–C
Starboard S
Vessel V
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8

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