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OE I-Command Digital User's Guide (3.5-Inch) Instruments (P-N 355917) Abbreviation Tables [Reference]

OE I-Command Digital User's Guide (3.5-Inch) Instruments (P-N 355917) Abbreviation Tables [Reference]
BRP Marine

Abbreviation Tables

Use the abbreviation tables to interpret information from the I-Command gauge.

Abbreviation Function
AIR:T Air Temperature
ALR:V Alternator voltage
ATM:P Atmospheric Pressure
BAT:C Battery current
BAT:T Battery Temperature
BAT:V Battery voltage
BKW:L:1 Black Water Tank 1
BKW:L:# Black Water Tank #
WTR:P Coolant Pressure
CYL:T Cylinder Temperature
DPT Depth
ENG:L Engine Load
ENG:T Engine Temperature
ENG:TQ Engine Torque
ENG:TM Engine Trim
ENG:W:T Engine Water Temperature
FRW:L Fresh Water Level
FRW:CP Fresh Water Capacity
Abbreviation Function
FRW:L:# Fresh Water Tank #
FUL:CP Fuel Capacity
FUL:E Fuel Economy
FUL:W:E Water Fuel Economy
FUL:G:E GPS Fuel Economy
FUL:F:C Fuel Flow Center
FUL:F:P Fuel Flow Port
FUL:F:S Fuel Flow Starboard
FUL:F:# Fuel Flow Engine #
FUL:L Fuel Level
FUL:RG Fuel Range
FUL:W:RG Water Fuel Range
FUL:G:RG GPS Fuel Range
FUL:RM Fuel Remaining
FUL:RM:C Fuel Remaining Center
FUL:RM:P Fuel Remaining Port
FUL:RM:S Fuel Remaining Starboard
FUL:RM:# Fuel Remaining Tank #
Abbreviation Function
FRW:L:1 Fresh Water Tank 1
FRW:L:# Fresh Water Tank #
FUL:L:S Fuel Tank Starboard
FUL:U Fuel Used
FUL:U:C Fuel Used Center
FUL:U:P Fuel Used Port
FUL:U:S Fuel Used Starboard
FUL:U:# Fuel Used Engine #
GPS:S GPS speed
IND:T Inside Temperature
INT:T Intake Air Temperature
LVW:L Live Well Level
LVW:CP Live Well Capacity
LVW:L:1 Live Well Tank 1
LVW:L:# Live Well Tank #
OIL:CP Oil Capacity
OIL:P Oil Pressure
OIL:L Oil Level
OIL:L:C Oil Tank Center
OIL:L:P Oil Tank Port
OIL:L:S Oil Tank Starboard
Abbreviation Function
FUL:L:C Fuel Tank Center
FUL:L:P Fuel Tank Port
OUT:T Outside Temperature
PWD:S Paddlewheel speed
PTT:S Pitot speed
FUL:U:S Seasonal Fuel Used
BKW:L Sewage Level
BKW:CP Sewage Capacity
RPM Tachometer
ENG:T:H Total Engine Hours
TTB Trim Tabs
FUL:U:TP Trip Fuel Used
FLD:L Unknown Fluid Level
FLD:CP Unknown Fluid Capacity
WST:L Waste Water Level
WST:CP Waste Water Capacity
WST:L:1 Waste Water Tank 1
WST:L:# Waste Water Tank #
WTR:T Water Temperature

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