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Integral/Remote Fuel Tank Selector Valve Kit P/N 434791

Repair Time: 1 to 2 hours
Repair Difficulty: Medium
Integral/Remote Fuel Tank Selector Valve Kit P/N 434791
BRP Marine Outboard

Integral/Remote Fuel Tank Selector Valve Kit P/N 0434791


This kit contains the parts to allow for a remote fuel tank hook-up in conjunction with the integral tank for the following:

  • 3 & 4 1991 and later Johnson® and Evinrude® outboards.

To the Installer

Give this installation instruction to the future owner. The instructions contain safety warnings and other information vital to the continued safe use of the product.

Read instructions completely prior to starting work.

After completing procedure, momentarily pressurize fuel system and check for leaks. Fuel leakage could contribute to a fire or explosion.

Do not attempt to run engine with any fuel system component disconnected or removed. Fuel leakage could contribute to a fire or explosion.

To the New Owner

Retain these instructions with your Operator's Manual. They contain installation and important information for your future reference.

Contents of Kit:

Ref. Name of Part Qty
1 Valve Assy 1
2 Hose, Valve to Fuel Connector 1
3 Hose, Valve to Fuel Pump 1
4 Hose, Valve to Fuel Tank 1
5 Fuel Connector 1
6 Screw,Fuel Con. To Lower Cover 1
7 Screw Plug, Float Passage 1
8 Washer, Screw Plug 1
9 Fuel Pump 1
10 Gasket, Fuel Pump 1
11 Screw, Fuel Pump 2
12 Tie Strap 8
* Decal 1
  • Not Shown

To avoid accidental starting of the engine while servicing, test and remove spark plug leads.

1. Remove front and rear lower engine covers per Section 2 of the appropriate Service Manual.

2. Disconnect the fuel hose at the integral tank and drain fuel.

3. Remove the hoses from the carburetor bowl.

4. Remove the hose from the crankcase pulse nipple and retain for later use.

5. Remove the pulse nipple and washer from the crankcase and clean machined area on boss.

6. Apply Nut Lock™ to threads of fuel pump screws. Place the fuel pump gasket and fuel pump in position. Install screws and tighten to a torque of 24-36 in. lbs. (2,8-4,4 Nm).

7. Remove the carburetor bowl nipple and bladder.

8. Place washer and screw plug in the carburetor bowl float passage. Torque screw plug to 5-10 in. lbs. (0,56-1,13 Nm).

9. Attach hoses to the fuel tank selector valve as shown and secure with tie straps.

10. Place fuel tank selector valve and hose assembly in position as shown.

11. Attach hose to the integral tank and secure with a tie strap.

12. Attach hose (A) from the valve assembly to fuel pump cap nipple. Attach retained hose (B) (from Step 4) to fuel pump body nipple. Secure with tie straps.

13. Attach other end of the retained hose (B) to carburetor bowl nipple and secure with a tie strap.

14. Drill a 9/16 in. (14,3 mm) hole in the lower front cover on the port side as shown.

[14] [15]
15. Place fuel connector in place in lower front cover and secure with screw.

16. Place the fuel tank selector valve in hole in the lower cover and secure with washer and nut. Install the decal.

17. Attach hose to the fuel connector and secure with a tie strap.

18. Attach lower covers per Section 2 in the Service Manual.

19. Operation - lever pointing forward uses fuel from remote tank, lever pointing aft uses fuel from integral tank.

0434791 - Fuel Pump Kit

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