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Installation and Troubleshooting Guide P/N 765987

Repair Time: 30 to 60 mins
Repair Difficulty: Easy
Installation and Troubleshooting Guide P/N 765987
BRP Marine Outboard



This unit replace the following P/N's: 0381884, 0382478, 0382478, 0383298, 0384522, 0385034, 0385036, 0385038, 0398362 and 0398363.

This product is designed to be installed by a professional marine mechanic. BRP cannot be held liable for injury or damage resulting from improper installation, abuse, neglect or misuse of this product. The acceptable voltage range for battery type ignitions is typically 9.5 Volts (at cranking) to a maximum of 16 volts at full throttle (13.2-14.6 preferred). Voltages above or below this range may cause damage to the CD.


All Prestolite ignitions of this type of ignition require the Phase II Rotor or the Silver Rotor.


1. Disconnect the positive battery cable.

2. Disconnect and remove the clipper module if present.

3. Check and clean all battery terminals and engine grounds.

4. Remove any clipper modules, surge suppressors or safety circuits. WARNING! Failure to do so could void CD warranty.

5. Disconnect the black/white or black and white sensor wires from the sensor.

6. Remove the blue wire to the coil and discard the old coil and wire.

7. Unbolt and remove the old CD module, saving the original bolts and nuts.

8. Install the new CDI module using the original bolts, use the closest bolt for the short ground wire.

9. Connect the black/white wires to the sensor.

10. Connect the green wire to the anti-reverse tower (if used) DO NOT CONNECT TO ENGINE GROUND.

11. Connect the blue wire to the ignition coil and the black wire to the coil ground tab.

12. Connect the purple wire to the terminal strip for the ignition power.

13. Reconnect the battery cable.

When you turn the ignition on, you may hear a high pitched whining noise coming from the CDI module. This is normal, depending upon the battery voltage.


1. Connect a spark gap tester to the high tension lead coming from the ignition coil and set it to approximately 1/2". If it fires when you crank the engine over, there is a problem in the distributor cap, rotor button or spark plug wires.

2. Check voltage present on the purple wire at cranking. It MUST be at least 9-1/2 volts. If not, the problem is in the harness, key switch, starter or battery.

3. Check DVA voltage on the blue wire going to the coil, it should be approximately 200 volts at cranking.

4. Disconnect the black/white wires at the bullet connectors. Turn the ignition switch on and strike the black/white wires together. The unit should fire each time. If it does, this means the CD module is usually good and the sensor needs to be checked.

0765987 - KIT, PULSE PACK AY

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