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Electric Start Kit P/N 174784 and 175178

Manufacturer BRP Marine
Engine Type Outboard
Repair Time 1 to 2 hours
Repair Difficulty Medium
Sections 8



These installation instructions contain information that can help prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. Understand the following symbols before proceeding:

Alerts you to the possibility of danger and identifies information that will help prevent injuries.

Identifies information that will help prevent damage to machinery.

Appears next to information that controls correct assembly and operation of the product.


The assembly procedures outlined in this sheet should be performed by a skilled technician. If you have questions, see your DEALER. Save these instructions in your owner's kit. This sheet contains information important to the future use and maintenance of your engine.


Give this sheet to the owner. Advise the owner of any special operation or maintenance information contained in the instructions.


This kit adds electric starting at the engine to 1988 (CC) and later manual start Johnson® and Evinrude® 20 thru 35 outboards. This kit does not include a battery charging system.

Call out NUMBERS (1), (2), etc. in the text and illustrations refer ONLY to the specific items in the Contents of Kit illustration and list. Call out LETTERS (A), (B), etc, are used over and over - on different items in other illustrations.

Installation of this kit involves procedures described in detail in your Service Manual.

Contents of Kit

Ref. Name of Part Qty.
1 Spark Adjustment Screw 1
2 Starter Assembly 1
3 Flywheel 1
4 Spacer 3
5 Screw (short) 1
6 Screw (long) 2
7 Starter Switch 1
8 Mounting Ring 1
9 Nylon Nut 1
10 Battery Cable 1
11 Grommet 1
12 Grommet (Not Shown)* 1
13 Lock Washer 1
14 Screw 1
15 Lock Washer 2
16 Nut 2
17 Lock Washer 2
18 Nut 2
19 White Wire 1
20 J-Clamp 1
21 Loop Clamp 1
22 Loop Clamp Screw 1
23 Ground Strap 1
24 Neutral Start Switch 1
25 Screw 2
26 Flat Washer 2
27 Locknut 2
- Carburetor Float Bowl - (Not Shown) 1
- Float Bowl Gasket - (Not Shown) 1

*1990 (ES) and newer models - Not Shown in Contents of Kit Illustration.

Remove Flywheel, Port Bracket, etc.

Remove and discard the three screws securing starter housing.

Remove flywheel nut. Save nut for reassembly.

Using Flywheel Puller P/N 0378103, remove and discard flywheel.

Remove and discard three starter housing mounts.

Remove and save rubber spark adjustment bumper.

Remove the two screws securing the control shaft bearing clamp.

Remove and save spark adjustment locknut (A), and the two screws securing port bracket. Remove and discard bracket and spark adjustment screw.

To service carburetor, see Service Manual - Section 2.

1991 (EI) and Newer 20 Models - Remove carburetor. Remove primer nipple and washer from float bowl and retain. Remove float bowl and gasket from carburetor body and discard.

Install retained washer and primer nipple in starboard side of new float bowl. Install new gasket and bowl on carburetor body and torque screws to 8-10 in. lbs. (0,8-1,2 Nm) following sequence on bowl. Install carburetor.

Install Starter and Flywheel

Install new spark adjustment screw (1), and the locknut and rubber bumper saved, as shown.

Install starter assembly (2). Secure with nut and screws removed from port bracket.

Reinstall screws securing control shaft bearing clamp.

Install flywheel (3). See Service Manual - Section 3, Flywheel Installation.

Install starter housing with three spacers (4) assembled in place of the rubber mounts. Secure housing with screws (5) and (6) with the short screw (5) going into the starter bracket. Tighten screws to a torque or 96-120 in. lbs. (11-14 Nm).

Cut Holes in Panel

[15] [16]
Cut out correct template from back of these instructions. Tape template to panel as shown.

Center-punch hole centers. Cut the indicated holes with hole saws. De-burr holes and remove chips from motor cover.

Assemble the following into the panel as shown: starter switch (7), mounting ring (8), and nut (9).

Tighten switch securely by holding nut and turning switch by hand.

[20] [21]
Place battery cable (10) into second hole and position grommet (11) or (12)onto cable, and then into panel. Grommet (12) is used on 1990 (ES) and newer outboards.

Make Solenoid Connections


Attach battery ground (black) cable to starter bracket using lock washer (13) and screw (14) behind cable as shown.

Route battery cable and switch wires under starter motor, positioned so they will not interfere with control shaft.


Attach the red starter switch wire (A) to the solenoid using an internal tooth lockwasher (15) and nut (16), and tighten securely. Attach positive (red) battery cable (B) as shown with lockwasher (15) and nut (16). Cover battery cable terminal with rubber boot (C).


Attach the yellow/red wire (7) from starter switch to the small solenoid terminal (A) using lock washer (17) and nut (18).


Attach the white wire (19) to the small solenoid terminal (B) using lock washer (17) and nut (18).


Remove the exhaust cover screw and install J-clamp (20). Route white wire to J-clamp and thru motor loop clamps.


Apply 0909570 - Johnson/Evinrude, OMC FL *NEOPRENE DIP to solenoid terminals A, B and C, as shown.


Loop any excess wire beside the battery cable, and secure with loop clamp (21) and screw (22), as shown.

Install Neutral Start Switch

Remove screw and washer securing bracket.

Pull bracket away from the block and install ground strap (23) and neutral start switch (24) and using the two screws (25) flat washers (26), and locknuts (27). Position the ground strap under the switch, between the left screw securing the switch and the screw that secures the bracket. The switch position will be adjusted later.

Reassemble bracket reusing screw and washer. Tighten screw securely.

Route white wire (19) from the other side of motor thru loop clamps. Connect to neutral start switch as shown.

Adjust Neutral Start Switch

Place shift handle in NEUTRAL. Adjust the switch up or down so the switch plunger is 1/16 in. (1,6 mm) from "bottoming". This can be done by inserting a 1/16 in. (1,6 mm) drill bit between the shoulder on the switch plunger and the bottom of the switch body, and moving the switch down until the cable lever pushes the plunger and drill bit up against the switch body. Tighten the switch screws carefully.

Test Operation of Neutral Start Switch

Connect a continuity light or ohmmeter between the neutral start switch terminal (D) and ground (E). With the motor in NEUTRAL, the light or ohmmeter should show continuity.

While rotating the propeller shaft, shift motor into FORWARD, then REVERSE. The light or ohmmeter MUST NOT show continuity in either forward or reverse.

Adjust maximum spark advance. See Service Manual - Section 1, Synchronization and Linkage Adjustments.

0174784 - ELEC START KIT