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34660-90J00 [12-20-2002]

34660-90J00 [12-20-2002]
Suzuki Marine



Parts in kit

Ref. Description Q'ty
1 Hose (210 mm) 1
2 Hose (160 mm) 1
3 3-way 1
4 Clip 4

This water pressure gauge sub-kit is required when installing the water pressure gauge (34650-92E00)available separately to DF90/115.

Installation of water pressure gauge sub kit and tube

When installing the tube and the hoses, use care to keep out of contact with the link system including the throttle and the shift and not bend them.

Follow the procedure described below while referring to the attached drawing.

1 . Remove 3-way (D) and the water hose that is connected to the lower side of crankcase with jacket. Install hose (1) to 3-way (D) and hose (2) to the crankcase water jacket respectively. Then, secure the connection using clip (4).

  1. Place hose (!) under the oil filter, behind the fuel hose and through clamp (E) on which fuel hose is secured. (See enlarged drawing A.)

  2. Position hose (2) between boss (F) that is used for holding the front panel and the under connecting seal. (See arrow view B.)

  3. Connect each of hoses (1) and (2) to 3-way (3) as shown in the drawing. Secure the converter using clip (4).

  1. Cut a slit on the thin section of cable grommet and pass tube (5) to the inside of engine connection through this slit. (See arrow view C.)

  2. Connect the other end of tube (5) as installed in (5) above to 3-way (3) to which hoses (1) and (2) have been already connected. Secure the connection using band (6).

Make sure to tighten each clip and band securely.

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