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Although we have one the largest inventories in the country, on occasion, we may have to order your parts from the manufacturer. In this article, we will review the different types of transit times based on item availability.

To make sure you are placing an order for a part that is available at the manufacturer, we have implemented a neat feature that lets you see the status of the part at the manufacturer. By clicking See details, the manufacturer's current inventory levels will be visible.

In-Stock Ships Immediately

If you encounter the Ships Immediately message please add to cart and check out before 3 PM MST. Our warehouse staff will pick your order and send it out that very same day(Mon-Fri).

Cross Ship - Leaves in 3-5 days

When you see the message Cross Ship - Leaves in 3-5 days, Please note that we do not have this part in our immediate inventory however as soon as you place your order we will contact the manufacturer of the part(s) you ordered and have them send them to us.

These parts are in stock at the manufacturer's warehouses and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive to our Denver warehouse. Once we check them in, we'll go ahead and rush them out to you.

Cross Ship - Leaves in 6-8 days

If you encounter the Cross Ship - Leaves. in 6-8 days message please note that the part you ordered is limited in availability at the manufacturer's warehouses. We'll order that in from the manufacturer however transit might take longer than usual.

Cross Ship from Japan. May be delayed up to 30 days.

Your part is not in stock in at least one of the Manufacturer's warehouses in the U.S. We'll go ahead and order it from them and have it sent to our warehouse however since it is coming from overseas it does take anywhere from 25-30 business days to arrive. Once it arrives at our warehouse in Denver we'll proceed to check it in, package it, and send it over to you.

Backordered until xx/xx/20xx

Your part is not in stock in at least one of the Manufacturer's warehouses. The manufacturer has categorized the part as backordered which means they plan on producing more shortly. Fortunately, the Manufacturer provides a date on an estimated date of availability for the part. We recommend for you to jot down the date and check back with us for availability on or after that date.

No Longer Available

If you run into the NOT SHIPPING No Longer Available message please note that the part you ordered is no longer being manufactured by the manufacturer. We cannot provide this part however if you click on the Update Now button, we will suggest other dealers if they have it in stock. Often times the 'No Dealers Found' message will appear if our search cannot find a dealer that does not have it in stock.

Pickup Item In-Store

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area and wish to personally pick up your item from our warehouse just give us a call at 303-355-3355 to place and pay for your order by phone. Be sure to inform the sales associate that you wish to pick up the item at our location so shipping won't be necessary.

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