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Moving to a Larger Warehouse


At Crowley Marine, we understand that every square foot of warehouse space needs to be used effectively. Through the years, we've outgrown previous warehouses and we have relocated a total of three times to meet the demand of our customers.

Recently, we've moved to our new warehouse in Downtown Denver which is 3 times the size of the previous one and that we have optimized for efficiency. We've also improved our Inventory Management processes that allow us to pick, pack, and ship your parts as fast as possible. These changes have already brought positive results.

Main Areas

  • Order Prep Area Used to collect parts on specific orders.
  • Conveyor Belt Used to move products to other areas in the warehouse.
  • Inventory Aisles Aisles are lined with our cabinets which are organized by SKU's
  • Break Room Our new break room is where our staff can get off their feet and relax on their break.

We invite you to take a peek at some of our new areas

Inventory Aisles

Added cabinets allow us to store more items which translates to shorter processing times.

Order Prep Area

Using light-based picking and fulfillment processes ensures speed and accuracy in fulfillment.

Conveyor System

Once bins have been filled with all parts on an order, they will move through our conveyor system which reduces staff transit and increases efficiency.

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