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Sylvan Marine is on the cutting-edge of pontoon design. With outstanding performance and sleek, contemporary designs, its easy to see why Sylvan is an innovative leader in the world of pontoon boats. Luxurious features, combined with revolutionary, high-performance construction and RPT tube design, make these pontoons a great value at every price.A little older. A whole lot wiser. Sylvan Marine.

  • Sylvan Mandalay Series

    Sylvan Mandalay Series

    The Mandalay Series pontoon is Sylvan's flagship series. Offering top-of-the-line luxury, sleek and modern style, and cutting-edge construction, this pontoon is the ultimate choice for any boating and water sports enthusiast.

    Full Sylvan Mandalay Specs

  • Sylvan Mirage Series

    Sylvan Mirage Series

    Sylvan Mirage pontoons are available in two styles\: Mirage Fish and Mirage Cruise. The Mirage Fish Series offers you plenty of space to reel in that lunker, while at the same time providing plenty of options offering fun for the whole family. The Mirage Cruise Series offers plenty of space for the whole family, impressive features, and industry-leading quality -- all fitting within every family's budget. Sylvan Mirage\: maximum versatility at a maximum value.

    Full Sylvan Mirage Cruise Specs
    Full Sylvan Mirage Fish Specs

  • Sylvan S Series

    Sylvan S Series

    Introducing the all-new S Series. Everything about this pontoon is designed to maximize the performance of the exlusive RPT tubes. Features a Deluxe Console, plush furniture, premium audio sound, mood lighting, and a changing room. Start it up, and prepare to fly!

    Full Sylvan S Series Specs

  • Sylvan Signature Series

    Sylvan Signature Series

    The Sylvan Signature Series pontoon combines modern design (rounded fronts, custom consoles, and oversized sundecks) with the awesome performance of Sylvan's revolutionary RPT tubes. The Signature Sport Series pontoon takes it a step further by adding eye-catching graphics, a skinned bottom, and a high-quality sound system.

    Full Sylvan Signature Specs

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