Lund Fishing Boats

  • Lund Pro-V

    Lund Pro-V

    The Lund Pro-V gives the serious angler all the bells and whistles -- and then some. Featuring a recessed boat deck, a complete livewell management system, and massive amounts of storage, the Lund Pro-V isn't called "Pro" for nothing.

    Full Lund Pro-V Specs

  • Lund Rebel XL

    Lund Rebel XL

    The Lund Rebel XL is just that -- an extra large version of Lund's signature Rebel model, giving you more features, more space, and a full windshield.

    Full Lund Rebel XL Specs

  • Lund Sport Angler

    Lund Sport Angler

    The Lund Sport Angler features a wide-open cockpit for excellent maneuverability while fishing, extruded gunwales that make attaching downrigger brackets and other accessories a snap, and even has its own cutting board and washbasin -- what more could the serious angler need?

    Full Lund Sport Angler Specs

  • Lund SSV

    Lund SSV

    Constructed from heavy duty aluminum, these classic Lund models give you comfort, stability, and storage, all in one package.

    Full Lund SSV Specs

  • Lund Tyee

    Lund Tyee

    The Lund Tyee is built for both big water fishing and family fun. With its I-beam construction and heavy duty transom, the Tyee gives you ultimate toughness, while at the same time providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

    Full Lund Tyee Specs

  • Lund WC, WD, & A

    Lund WC, WD, & A

    For the fisherman who is looking for Lund quality in a smaller size, the Lund WC, WD, and A models have got you covered. Constructed from durable, heavy duty aluminum, these boats give you a safe and stable ride -- all in a small and affordable package.

    Full Lund WC, WD, & A Specs

  • Lund Alaskan

    Lund Alaskan

    The Lund Alaskan is engineered to withstand both rough waters and strong winds. Key features include port and starboard rod storage, an 8 gallon aerated livewell, and an absurd amount of above board storage.

    Full Lund Alaskan Specs

  • Lund Baron

    Lund Baron

    Looking for an excellent fishing boat? What about a comfortable boat? The Lund Baron gives you the best of both worlds. With its trademarked IPStm2 hull and deep cockpit, the Baron gives you an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride in even the toughest of waters.

    Full Lund Baron Specs

  • Lund Crossover XS

    Lund Crossover XS

    Fish in style or insert ski pylon and ski the day away. Either way, you get to experience superior design and construction with the Lund Crossover. This boat will keep the whole family happy with features like a rod locker for your rods of choice and abundant storage for all your watersprot needs.

    Full Lund Alaskan Specs

  • Lund Fury

    Lund Fury

    Lund's newest model, the Fury gives you Lund features and Lund quality at an affordable price. Features include dual side-stepped rod storage (up to 12 rods), a 10 gallon aerated livewell, and a large bow casting deck.

    Full Lund Fury Specs

  • Lund Impact

    Lund Impact

    One of the newest additions to the Lund family, the Impact is constructed with both aft and bow livewells and casting platforms, giving you maximum fishability. The impact also features an incredible amount of storage with center rod storage and two side rod lockers. The best feature? It's affordability.

    Full Lund Impact Specs

  • Lund Outfitter

    Lund Outfitter

    The Lund Outfitter was designed with the practical fisherman in mind. Key features include removable storage compartments for easy loading\/unloading and a luxuriously spacious deck for supreme fishability.

    Full Lund Outfitter Specs

  • Lund Predator

    Lund Predator

    With its ample casting deck, large livewell, and agile construction, the Lund Predator is perfect for the fisherman looking for ample space and unmatched maneuverability.

    Full Lund Predator Specs

  • Lund Pro Guide

    Lund Pro Guide

    The Lund Pro Guide's squared transom is perfect for backtrolling and those times that you need precise control. Combine this with a massive amount of fishing space and a full livewell and you've got yourself a truly professional fishing boat.

    Full Lund Pro Guide Specs

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