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Boat Accessories & Supply

The lifestyle of a boating enthusiast doesn’t just stop at the dock; it is exemplified through the life of the boater; Just as it is here at ‘CROWLEY MARINE’! Our wide array of accessories for your watercraft span from: Electrical Components and Electronics, to Flotation devices, Lighting, Hardware and Fuel Systems, to Anchors, Boat Covers, Seats, carpeting and propellers! Leading the pack of aquatic equipment providers, any accessory you could possibly need for your vessel can be found here at ‘CROWLEY MARINE’, in our Accessories Department! Whether your liner of choice is a large, leisurely cruiser, or a compact, aerodynamic craft built for speed, we stock every component that your vessel needs, in order to stay afloat!

Latest Repair Stories

Mercury 40 hp

Repair Dificulty
Repair TIme
Less than 30 mins

not pumping water

Removed lower unit replaced water pump impeller gaskets and water tube seals